nota bene

Millions of species inhabit the rich biomes and ecosystems found here on Planet Earth. Within specific communities, genotypically and phenotypically different organisms often coexist in the same environment. Mutations or adaptations allow them to reproduce and survive within those shared spaces. With varied levels of interaction, each species forms a relationship with another. The close living arrangement between dissimilar organisms could help, harm, or leave them unchanged. In nature, this exchange is called symbiosis.

The year 2020 brought almost every inhabitant in the world to a collective halt. A global pandemic has affected each continent except for Antarctica. The novel coronavirus, which leads to COVID-19 infections, joined dissimilar global citizens in a communal effort for survival. It was also the impetus for a creative and informative outlet. Created by Dr. E. Travis David, symBIOsis is a blog meant to reach a diverse and at times ‘captive’ audience. It features a mix of topics in the biological sciences which cover research, new discoveries, educational opportunities, careers, and trailblazers with real world applications. Travis’s training in Biology and extensive higher education experience, offers readers from all backgrounds commentary on relevant content in accessible way. For the foreseeable future we are what the Greek called symbios, which means living together.

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