Finals: Pass, fail, no credit

Congratulations! We have successfully made it to the end of Fall semester 2020. It has been a year of unprecedented obstacles and complicated adjustments. Yet, we have all applied ourselves and persevered in the face of adversity. Now there is an opportunity to pause, reset during winter break, and bask in the […]

College Prep: First Gen Edition

A Different World

First generation students are more than individuals who are first in a family to go to college. Many are academically talented, ethnically diverse, culturally rich newcomers to higher education. Others are ambitious, proud hard workers actualizing the hopes and dreams of generations. Collectively, each is focused on obtaining an education that will […]

Be Inspired

Media images often elevates natural talent, youth, athletic ability or physical beauty as highly desirable commodities. Inspiration, a formidable driving force, unfortunately is often overlooked. Often occurring spontaneously, a flash of inspiration is by definition uncharted and transcendent. A proverbial ‘aha moment’ turns self-imposed limitations internalized from ordinary life experiences over on its head. You […]

Stress: Unraveled

Long before the pandemic, college students have valiantly wrestled with stress management. Environments with prolonged mental and/or physical pressure have been shown to contribute to lowered levels of satisfaction. As a consequence, there is a related decline in overall physical and mental health. Maybe this gloomy picture sounds familiar to you. Students around the world […]