Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021-Biology Colloquium

For Biology Colloquium on Wednesday at 11:10 AM, the guest presenter is Dr. Erol Akcay. Coming to us from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Akcay’s talk is titled Social inheritance and the dynamics of animal social networks. Please use the link pasted below to join.

Dr. Erol Akcay’s abstract:

In many animals, who interacts with whom, and how much, has a huge effect on life trajectories, health, and ultimately fitness. We therefore need to understand the processes that structure animal social networks. Here, I will present a theoretical model of how social networks in animals change dynamically as a result of a process we term social inheritance. Social inheritance is defined as offspring making social connections with their parents’ social connections. I will show how social inheritance can capture the structure of animal social networks across a range of species. Then I will present direct evidence for social inheritance of connections in spotted hyenas, using a unique long-term dataset.

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