Wednesday Sept. 29, 2021-Biology Colloquium

On September 29, 2021, the guest speaker for the Biology Colloquium is Dr. Terry Hébert. Hosted virtually on Zoom, it will begin at 11:10 AM. Please use the link shared at the end of this post to join. Dr. Hébert’s talk is titled Tracking GPCR signaling- from the single cell to the living brain. From McGill University, you can find the abstract for Dr. Terry Hébert’s talk pasted below:


Ligand binding to a given G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) can modulate different signaling pathways downstream of the receptor depending on several factors, including the cell type, the specific subcellular compartment – and the ligand in question. The concept of biased signaling not only challenges the conventional definition of agonism but also promises important potential therapeutic implications. By selectively targeting some pathways over others, biased ligands could in principle be designed to provide therapeutic benefit with fewer adverse effects. A major unanswered question, however, is whether GPCR ligands behave similarly in cellulo and in vivo. To close the gap between in vitro and in vivo, we have recently adapted bioluminescence and Förster resonance energy transfer (BRET and FRET, respectively)-based signaling biosensors for use in vivo, and in single cells. The combination of the tool sets and approaches allows us to answer some fundamental questions about how measures of signaling in cellulo translate into similar measures in the context of the living animal under conditions which also track behavioral or disease-relevant endpoints. We want to quantify intracellular signaling events in defined neuronal populations in vivo, building on the existing repertoire of genetically-encoded BRET- and FRET-based biosensors used to dissect signaling pathways in cell culture systems.

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