Spring 2021 Finals: May 19, 2021-May 25, 2021

The Final(s) List


The Spring 2021 semester is almost over. Many of us have overcome obstacles and experienced personal triumphs over the past few months. As the final exam period at Queens College runs from Wednesday, May 19th until Tuesday, May 25th; here is a list of ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals.


  1. Evaluate your mindset and mood. Discover what triggers anxiety, dread or inertia for you. This may help reduce the allure of procrastination.
  2. Visualize yourself being successful. Hard work, dedicated effort, and a positive outlook is a good recipe for reward.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are inspirational. Connect with a circle of supportive individuals who are motivated to improve themselves. Hold each other accountable.
  4. Break your assignments and study material into manageable pieces. Use timers, a calendar, or study apps to maximize your limited time wisely.
  5. Challenge yourself daily to do at least 10-15 minutes of something you don’t want to do. Step out of your comfort zone and turn what seems impossible into the possible.
  6. Remind yourself that progress is a marathon and not a sprint. Even a tiny bit of effort adds up to make a difference in the end.
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