Reflect, Reconnect, Refocus

Do What Supports Your Dreams

Welcome back from Spring Break! You have successfully made it to the middle point of Spring semester 2021. It has been a year of unprecedented obstacles and complicated adjustments. Yet, you have all applied yourselves and persevered in the face of adversity. It is in this light that you must bask. What this period is teaching you is how you have the inner strength to counteract whatever life throws at you. Learn this lesson well and carry it with you as you aim to end this semester and academic year strong.

This also marks the countdown to the final examination period. For some this may inflict anxiety and dread. I suggest that you consider a different outlook. Yes, Spring Break was a time for many of you to relax and regroup. But, I hope that some of you also reflected on your performance this far. Are you satisfied with the grades you earned? Maybe you reconnected with a hobby or point of inspiration from the past. What I am imploring each of you to do is refocus you energy on the things that will help you achieve the life goals you set for yourself.  Final exams are a great benchmark for you to show how well you have managed your time. It proves that you not only adapted to online learning, but you also mastered it. Have confidence in your work ethic and believe that regardless of the grade you earn, you are more knowledgeable than when the semester started.


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