ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Xin Cheng Yuan!!! Yuan, a senior Biology major, earned first place for their poster presentation. Xin Cheng took part in a virtual Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) last week. We are all proud of the Macaulay Honors College student and MARC U-STAR scholar.

My name is Xin Cheng Yuan and I work in Dr. Timothy Short’s Lab at Queens College, CUNY. My research project focuses on trying to understand the molecular and physiological functions of the red/far-red light-absorbing pigment called phytochrome in the fern model Ceratopteris richardii. Phytochrome is known to play vital roles in the survival of a plant, but its functions are still poorly understood in non-seed-bearing plants. Recently, I have fully sequenced the CrPHY2A gene (one of the phytochrome genes) found in C. richardii. I have also done protein domain comparisons among CrPHY1A, CrPHY2A, and phytochromes found in other plants. The protein domain comparisons between different phytochromes have provided some helpful insights into the functional evolution of these photoreceptors. Currently, I am working on transferring the CrPHY2A gene into destination vectors so that I can use these vectors to create stable transgenic plants. The goal is to use these stable transgenic plants to study the function of overexpressing these photoreceptors in C. richardii.

Xin Cheng-Poster Presented at the 2020 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students
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