Be Inspired

Media images often elevates natural talent, youth, athletic ability or physical beauty as highly desirable commodities. Inspiration, a formidable driving force, unfortunately is often overlooked. Often occurring spontaneously, a flash of inspiration is by definition uncharted and transcendent. A proverbial ‘aha moment’ turns self-imposed limitations internalized from ordinary life experiences over on its head. You see, inspiration is an irascible force which transforms how we perceive ourselves. It challenges the pessimistic assessments of us social circles may suggest. Throughout each stage of development, the trajectory of major life outcomes can be activated, energized, or manipulated by how closely we subscribe to what inspire us.

Becoming inspired unearths a spirit of self-awareness from within in us. A figurative metamorphosis, that awakening turns someone dejected with apathy to one fueled by unlimited potential. Like using the fine focus on a freshly cleaned and serviced compound microscope, inspiration is akin to opening the diaphragm and illuminating the specimen. Whatever is in the field of view is no longer blurry or obstructed. Instead, a clear sought after image is left central and pristine on the stage. As an undergraduate or graduate student, it can feel like everyone has a grand vision apart from you. Take comfort in knowing that inspiration is only the first step of methodology towards generating results. Each individual, through trial and error, must test the approach or protocol for correctly arriving at their predicted outcome.

In order to move from inaction to action, developing a strong work ethic is suggested. Perseverance is one trait often heralded in very inspirational people. Subsequently, those individuals are often successful at what they do. They don’t possess the answer to all of life’s problems or won a special genetic superhuman lottery. Rather, armed with inspiration, they are open and willing to remain on the path to success regardless of failed attempts. To master any field, discipline, or craft requires more than the desire to outperform others. It demands a conscious commitment to becoming more disciplined, focused, and productive. Additionally, following inspiration is taking agency over one’s learning, competence, creativity, self-esteem, resources, and responsibilities. Progress towards a holistic life and meaningful career is not gained from willing or daydreaming it into fruition. Achieving life goals that underpin our well-being come from crafting from a positive, purposeful and inspired life actively well lived.

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